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Revell Enamell 371 Semi Matt Grey

Revell Enamell 371 Semi Matt Grey

  • £170

  • Product Code 32371
  • Enamel Paint 14ml tin
  • Paints can be mixed together (except for signal colours)

Light Grey Silk RAL 14ml tin

'Revell Color' is a synthetic resin enamel paint that does not damage the outer surface of plastic models. Many other materials can also be painted with the 14 ml tin preferred by many DIY enthusiasts. All shades - except signal colours - can be mixed together and can be diluted with 'Revell Color Mix'. Thus the paint can be applied not only with brushes, but also with a spray gun. For cleaning use 'Revell Painta Clean' for brushes and 'Revell Airbrush Clean' for the spray gun.

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