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Mantic Games Deadzone ltd edition rulebook

Mantic Games Deadzone ltd edition rulebook

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Mantic Games Deadzone

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Over 300 pages, this Compendium includes the complete Deadzone rulebook:
  • All you need to know to play Deadzone

    Campaign Section
  • Special Abilities
  • Equipment and Mutations
Deadzone: Nexus Psi Campaign:
  • Campaign Rules – A new system for playing a series of linked games between one player controlling the Plague and an opponent controlling a different Faction.
  • Battlezone: Nexus Psi – A guide to the world on which the campaign is set, including the events that led to the Plague outbreak, as well as a short story.
  • Faction Focus – Background information on Deadzone’s four primary factions: The Enforcers, the Plague, the Rebs and the Marauders.

Deadzone: Incursion is a 48-page section containing:

  • Faction Focus – discover the history and background of two brand new factions – the Forge Fathers and the Asterians, as well as the details behind new Enforcer specialists and powerful new vehicles.
  • New Rules – Introducing new special abilities, as well as scenery and environmental items that bring more depth to your games PLUS the new Divide and Conquer scenario.
  • Bigger Games – Rules for multimat and multiplayers games, reflecting the increased scale of conflict as the battle for Nexus Psi continues.

Deadzone: Contagion is a 32-page full colour section containing:

  • Contagion Protocol – new game modes for using Plague Zombies in Deadzone, including the Sole Survivor misssions
  • Artificial Intelligence – Play the game solo.
  • Mercenaries – Black Ops mission and 6 new named characters

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