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Army Painter Chaotic Primer Red Spray

Army Painter Chaotic Primer Red Spray

  • £999

Army Painter

  • Product Code CP3026
  • 400ml can of Colour Primer
  • Ingenious combination of Primer and Colour Spray in one - no need for 2 different sprays
  • Designed to be used on all metal, plastic and resin miniatures
  • Extra-fine pigment and special nozzle combination covers easily the first time
  • Matt finish, so your miniatures or models are ready for basecoat almost right away
  • Acrylic based and fast drying

Chaotic Red

A rich and very deep red colour that will fit perfectly as a basecoat for any red highlights. As the name suggests the Chaotic Red is a must have for Chaos miniature collectors of any system or as basecoat for futuristic warmachines or monsters. Suggested Quickshade is Dark Tone, but the versatile dark red colour can also stand on its own and be highlighted immediately after drying.

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